All Include: Initial Consultation, First session, Numbing, 2x Aftercare packs & an ADDITIONAL Touch Up at 6-8 weeks.

At Let's Talk Beauty we believe that Brows, like fingerprints, are unique to you, which is why we’re committed to providing our clients with an experience to talk about! Whether the transformation of your brows are natural looking or absolutely life-changing, we focus on balancing your facial features, which will keep them guessing!

We strongly believe in SAFE Cosmetic Tattooing and take pride in providing our clients with the highest standard of consistency and craftsmanship upon each interaction.



Choosing between the different techniques and finish comes down to what you're wanting to achieve. Being eyebrow specialists we've heard of all the brow-tastrophes - whether it was plucking into the oblivion, a bad wax experience that never grew back or over threading till your tails were nonexistent - The good news is Let's Talk beauty are here to help!


Some cases of hair loss can be more severe and less 'self-made', such as alopecia, chemotherapy or a decrease in cell turnover rate due to aging which can permanently damage your hair follicles. These factors can affect your hair growth cycle, which is why Feather-touch brows can be seriously life-changing. It has the ability to appear soft and natural whilst blending with existing hair or none at all. 


Here at Let's Talk Beauty we offer a FREE consultation prior to any eyebrow treatment. This is to help answer your questions, explain all things brows and find your perfect brow finish! However, before your consultation, we thought it would be helpful to explain the difference in techniques and give you a head start as to which is most suitable to you!


Now let us get into the nitty gritty... Everything you've ever wondered about Feather-touch Brow Tattoo:



If you envision natural healthy brows, mostly to create shape, correct symmetry and fill in gaps than Eyebrow feathering is the perfect choice for you. It involves meticulously hand making each unique hair stroke to visually mimic individual natural hairs as opposed to a “block” solid colour.


We keep it soft and natural for every day wear, leaving you the flexibility to add powder for a more bold statement on a special event!

If you are wanting denser, fuller and more of a “makeup finish look” then a Hybrid brows could be your match made in heaven.


Let's whip your brows into fleeky shape and fulfil your ultimate brow goals! Call us today for your FREE Consultation!



Brows have become the biggest beauty obsession of the decade - both figuratively and literally. One of the latest trends - Ombre Powder Brows! Were not referring to dip dyed hair, were talking about brows that have been misted to perfection!


As opposed to feathering, that creates "hair like Strokes" this "powdery filled" effect involves an airbrushing technique that deposits a fine mist of colour along the brow line. The mist is applied more densely throughout the arch and tails, before subtly fading out into a soft wash of colour at the start of the brow, making it perfect for OILY skin! Several different pigments can be mixed to suit the individual hair colour and match their undertone to achieve a true Ombre effect. This gives a softer fill that does not require any further makeup applied over the top.


Similar to Combination brows - Ombre brows are also an amazing alternative for clients with oily skin as more pigment is deposited, increasing longevity and requires less touch-ups!



You can say goodbye to your eyebrow pencil and make way for Hybrid Brows...The combination method is an advanced technique that uses the hand tool method to create "hairlike strokes" in combination with the misting technique to create dimension, density and an Ombre affect. Although the brows will appear more intense and fuller, the brows are still extremely fluffy and natural looking.

We pride ourselves on our natural and soft looking finishes and steer clear from a solid and saturated unnatural tattoo. There is no need to be afraid of shading as it is very customisable, although we do make recommendations, YOU control the density and placement of shading so that it is the perfect amount you're comfortable with.

Good News! Combination is also a great option for those with OILY SKIN as this technique typically lasts longer than Microblading as it uses more pigment throughout the eyebrow. If you want fewer touch-ups and tattoo longevity than combination is your go-to.


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