Eyelash Extensions FAQ

What are eyelash extensions and how are they applied?

A single extension is applied very carefully using specially designed tweezers to a single eyelash using a premium medical grade low fume Eyelash adhesive. The lash is placed close to (without touching the lash line) leaving that eyelashes and eyelids to move freely. The whole process normally takes one to 3 hours depending on the style and how many lashes are applied. Our luscious eyelash extensions are also hypoallergenic and cruelty free & your eyelash session is also completely pain-free procedure.

What are Russian eyelash extensions that I hear whispers about and how are they applied?

Russian Lashes involve applying silk or mink eyelash extensions using a more advanced and intricate application method. It's where 2, 3, 4 or even 5 extremely light-weight extensions are applied to a single natural eyelash, SAFELY. They're intricate handmade 'fans' or also known a 'bouquets' that when applied safely create intense volume with a soft, fluffy look. These fibres used are so incredibly light, they bond very well and last longer than classic eyelash extensions. For more information, please see our recent blog post on our Volume Lashes.

How is Russian volume lashes different from classic lashes?

When one single lash extensions is safely attached onto a single natural lash, this technique is referred to as classic lashes. The Classic Volume Set is suitable for those looking for a more natural look.

With Russian volume lashes, more than one lash extension fibre is safely placed onto a single natural lash. The lash artists will hand make a 'fan' to make it appear like more lashes are growing from one stem. Russian Volume eyelash extensions are a fraction of the weight and thickness of a Classic lash extension, making it possible to apply more than one lash extension to a single natural lash. This technique will help you achieve greater volume for a fuller, darker, dense, fluffy lash look. The Russian Volume Set is highly recommended for those with either spares or full natural lashes.

Whether you've chosen a classic or volume set, your Lash Artist will consult you on the suitable length, thickness and curl for your natural lashes.

Are volume lashes heavier than classic lashes?

No! Russian Volume eyelash extensions are a fraction of the weight and thickness of a Classic lash extension. Due to recent technological advancements in the lash extensions manufacturing process, this has enabled manufacturers to create super LIGHT and FINE extensions. Multiple volume extensions can be lighter than just one classic extension! to put this into perspective: 5 x 0.07 thickness (Volume Lash) extensions PUT TOGETHER weigh less than 1 x 0.20 thickness (Standard Classic Lash) extension on its own!

What are Hybrid Lash Extensions?

Hybrid is the best of both worlds. This intricate technique combines both classic and volume lashes to create a beautiful blend of fluffy lashes, giving you the perfect amount of fullness and subtle glam.

What reasons are there to get eyelash extensions/ Are they for me?

If you would like to add more time in your day and wake up looking instantly refreshed and polished, then yes! Not only do lashes extensions look and feel natural, it will no longer be necessary to apply mascara or use an eyelash curler. Your eyes look more defined and bold. Many of our clients tend to wear less make up with their lash extensions, meaning you’ll save time applying makeup, while still being able to shower, swim and perform all of your regular activities as normal.

How long do last extensions last?

Most cases, lash extensions should last as long as your natural lash cycle, which is an average of between 4 to 6 weeks. This is just a general time frame, results can very due to many factors such as general lifestyle, your daily cleansing routine, skin type, average lash growth cycle and the type of makeup products you use. Having an infill performed every 2 to 4 weeks will help maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions virtually indefinitely.

Why do I need infill's if they last up to 6 weeks?

The eyelash extensions fall out with your natural lash cycle which is 6 to 8 weeks, so very gradually as your baby lashes come through. After 2 or 3 weeks you will start seeing little gaps where the old lashes have fallen out and new lashes are coming through. This is the perfect time to get your infill's, so help keep your lashes looking luscious and full.

Is there a difference between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions are placed carefully onto each individual eyelash using a premium medical grade low fume adhesive, whereas, false eyelashes are usually solid strips of lashes that are adhered to the eyelid using temporary lash glue. As a result, eyelash extensions will normally last longer. However, keep in mind that extensions can be limited depending on what your natural lashes can handle. For example, if your natural lashes are short and/or fine, extensions may not always give you the results you desire.

How safe are eyelash extensions? Will they ruin my natural lashes?

The biggest myth is that eyelash extensions ruin your own natural lashes. At LTB the good news is that, when we apply your lashes we ensure to take special care that they are all applied individually & correctly to maintain the health of your natural eyelash. We customize the lashes so they are the right weight and thickness, and apply them carefully, one by one, so that your natural lashes remain intact and safe. It’s a completely safe and pain-free procedure because your eyes remain closed throughout the entire procedure and a premium medical grade low fume eyelash adhesive is used to apply the extensions.

My friend said her lashes were damaged by lash extensions?

Inexperienced technicians are those who rush, using incorrect application & applying lashes that are unsuitable for their clients natural lashes to handle, which can result in damaging their clients lashes. Here at LTB we customise the lashes so they are the right weight and thickness, and apply them carefully, so that your natural lashes remain healthy as ever!

How long does the whole procedure take?

The whole process normally takes 1 to 2.5 hours depending on how many lashes are applied. Infill's will take anywhere from 45 minutes to an 1hr depending on how many lashes applied. Russian Volume Extension can take up to 3.5 hrs.

Am I right candidate for eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are suitable for women of all backgrounds and ages, regardless of their busy work schedules or mummy duties. Many of our clients are repeat clients who want to ensure that they look good and ready every day without having to spend a lot of time enhancing their appearances. Majority of clients can get their lashes done, however, not everyone is suitable to the procedure, therefore, a few questions will be asked during your appointment and a thorough consultation will be completed prior to your treatment.

Below are some instances where eyelash extensions may not be suitable for you :

  • If you’ve had an allergic reaction to gel pads or the adhesive used to apply eyelash extensions.
  • You have a infection or any condition that affects your eyes/or lashes in the way.
  • You recently had cosmetic surgery or treatment such as eyeliner tattoos, lash perms or laser surgery. Eg: blepharoplasty surgery (must wait a minimum of 1 year after your surgery).
  • You can’t lie on your back for extended periods due to injury or other reasons.
  • Your eyes are sensitive/or prone to redness, swelling, itching, and watering.
  • You can’t keep your eyes still and completely close for any reason.
  • You have unrealistic expectations regarding eyelash extensions – it’s important to remember that the length and thickness of extensions use will be limited to the strength of your natural lashes.
  • Have very little natural eyelashes or have nothing. It’s very difficult (if not impossible) to apply extensions because there is nowhere to apply them too
  • Have pre-existing eyelid conditions such as chronic dry eyes, blepharitis, conjunctivitis and Ocular rosacea.
  • Have Trichotillomania (compulsive pulling or twisting hair, eyebrows and eyelashes).
  • Have a very sensitive eyes or possible allergies to adhesive (recommended to book an appointment for a patch test).
  • In chlorinated water frequently (recommend wearing goggles to protect your lashes).
  • Who are rough with their lashes.
  • Have difficulty following aftercare instructions or do not care to follow them.
  • Have extremely curly eyelashes. Recommended getting a lash de-lift beforehand to help straighten your lashes. This will help the lash extension lay properly on the natural lash.

Can the extensions be removed?

Of course! If for some reason you need or want them removed, we can quickly and painlessly remove your lashes using our specially formulated adhesive remover. The process usually takes less than 30 minutes (Time varies on amount of lashes being removed). Please do not attempt to remove them on your own as this can cause damage to your natural lash.

I have had bad extensions applied somewhere else. I would like them removed and a new set of safe lashes applied – is this possible?

This depends on the state of your lashes. If the extensions were applied incorrectly elsewhere, we cannot absolutely guarantee that we are able to apply new ones straight after the removal process. If there is an awful lot of glue and many lashes have clustered together, it will take a longer amount of time to gently remove them. If the bad extensions have irritated or infected your eyes/eyelids Lets talk beauty reserves the right not to perform the procedure and may refer you to initially seek medical advice.

During my appointment – what can I expect?

Your whole appointment will include your consultation, evaluating and discussing your perfect set of lashes and performing the procedure. We’re known to be very thorough and quite a perfectionist, which is shown through our artistry. The whole process normally takes 1 to 3hrs depending on how many lashes are applied.

How do I choose the right eyelash extensions for me?

A consultation prior to your treatment will allow us at LTB to determine what’s best for you, however, you have will need to consider your lifestyle and a few other deciding factors. Factors can include whether they are being applied for one-off occasion or for everyday use, your regular eye make routine, natural state of your natural lashes, thickness, your budget and the amount of time you have available to have them applied.

How do I prepare for having Eyelash extensions applied?

We like our beauties to arrive with your eye makeup removed with an oil free cleanser prior to your appointment. Lash tinting must be done minimum 2 days before your appointment. Do not use eyelash curlers on the day as it will affect the application. If you have recently had an eye perm treatment your will have to wait for at least 3 months before having extensions applied. Try avoid drinking caffeine on the day and make sure to shower, workout and wash your hair prior to your session and you need to keep your lashes dry for the first 24 hours after your application.

How do I look after my lashes after their applied?

  • Refrain from touching your lashes during this time.
  • Avoid all forms of sweating including exercise for 24 hours after application.
  • Avoid all forms of extreme humidity for 48 hours, such as saunas, steam facials, and even hot baths.
  • Do not rub your eyes, pull on the extensions or sleep face down on them.
  • Do not use eyelash curlers or perm your lash extensions.
  • Only use oil free cleansing and foaming products on the facial area and around the eyes and clean around them daily.
  • Use our foaming cleanser and eyelash cleansing brush to gently clean your lashes and prolong their longevity.
  • Brush your lashes gently with the supplied lash brush to fluff them up and keep them neat.
  • Avoid using cotton tips of boards around the eyes, as the lint will get caught in your extensions.
  • Cleanse them properly 2-3 times per week – see here for info on how-to!
  • Have an infill performed every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain their fullness.

Is the Eyelash extensions procedure painful?

No - Not when their applied properly ! There is no contact with the skin as the eyelash extensions are individually applied directly to the eyelash. The comfort of our clients is paramount to us, you will most likely drift off to sleep!

At Let’s talk beauty we choose to use a medical grade low fume adhesive, which is specially designed not to burn or sting, unlike cheaper products on the market. We also use a sensitive low fume adhesive for clients who are a little sensitive around the eye area. All our products are of the absolute highest quality!

Will Eyelash extensions irritate my eyes?

No – there is no contact with the skin as the eyelash extensions are individually apply directly to the single Eyelash, so it feels like your normal lashes. You should be careful not to roughly rub your eyes though, as this can damage the extensions & could make them a little uncomfortable.

Are eyelash extension safe when pregnant?

Generally speaking, lash extensions are non-invasive and a safe procedure. However, we don’t recommend that pregnant women who have never had eyelash extensions before or those who are not current clients of LTB.

Let’s talk beauty use a premium medical grade adhesive, which is made specifically for cosmetic use near the eye area, and the adhesive does not actually ever touch your skin. However, if you were unlucky enough to have an allergy reaction, as your hormone levels do change and you are more susceptible to reaction, your doctor may not be able to give you the required treatment or prescription due to your pregnancy, prolonging the reaction. Also, the procedure requires you to lay flat on your back and very still for over 1 to 2 hours, a position that is not recommended for pregnant women. However – if you’re already a client of ours and you become pregnant, there is no problem continue with the eyelash extensions – just let us know so that we can make sure you are comfortable at all times!

Can I wear make up with my eyelash extensions?

Yes, you can! eyeliner and eye shadow are fine as long as your gentle. We don’t recommend that you apply the mascara to your eyelash extensions, as they may contain oils that cause them to clump together and weaken the adhesive bond, making them fall out prematurely.

How do I remove my makeup with eyelash extensions?

You need to use an oil free make up remover, as oil based make up removers may contain oils that cause them to clump together and weaken the adhesive bond, making them fall out prematurely.

Can I swim/shower/get my eyelashes extensions went?

Yes! The best thing about eyelash extensions is that you’ll have pretty eyes all the time! Whether you wake up, jump out of the shower or go for a dip in the pool, they’ll stay intact and beautiful! Make sure to not to rub or use oily products on them to improve the longevity.

Can you be allergic to Eyelash extension adhesive?

At let’s talk beauty we use a premium medical grade low fume eyelash adhesive, which is specially made to not burn or sting. Although they are extremely rare, there are some individuals who may be allergic to this particular adhesive. Allergies subside normally as soon as the extensions are removed. If you had extreme latex/band aid allergies, you maybe a high risk of a reaction. If you have experience an allergic reaction previously to this treatment is likely it’ll happen again, therefore, we don’t recommend getting them done again. If you do not have an allergic reaction, seek medical attention first before booking an appointment at some doctors will recommend not removing the extensions immediately as this can cause the further irritation.

How much are Classic Lashes/ Russian Lashes, Hybrid Lashes?

All of our prices are based on amount of time spent on each client. We sometimes run amazing specials and promotions. Check out our price list. You can also follow our Instagram & Facebook page as we offer special promotions and run amazing giveaways!

Can I wear contact lenses/glasses with my eyelash extensions?

Yes, of course. However you'll find it much more comfortable to remove your contacts prior to your appointment, or bring your contact case so you can remove them immediately prior.

Should I bring my (small) children to the appointment?

Throughout your service the environment is serene and quiet, therefore, we highly, highly recommend against it. It isn't an ideal environment for small children as your eyes must remain closed for the duration of the treatment, and your technician will be focusing on you – there will be no supervision for your children, which could be dangerous! There are things like hot wax, chemicals, sharps and dyes that are not good for little people to get their hands on. Our insurance does not cover unattended children in the salon, and we would hate for anything to happen.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Yes, we have gift vouchers for any special gifted occasion & are available for purchase in salon. The vouchers are printed on high-quality gloss stock and come in pretty presentation envelopes. They are perfect gift for that glamorous friend who has everything!

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, appointments are generally necessary. Please contact us to arrange a time that suits you.

Are the materials you use safe and good quality?

Yes – we use a high quality premium medical grade eyelash adhesive. Which is specially formulated not to burn or sting and is safe for your eyes & also very long-lasting. LTB uses the highest quality eyelash extensions on the market and available in all sorts of lengths, curves and thicknesses, customised to perfectly suit you! Majority of the equipment is disposed of after each client. All equipment kept is thoroughly disinfected.

What if I get eyelash extensions but just don’t like them?

This rarely happens, however, if you decide that there not for you then you can have them removed using a gentle glue dissolver. Take a look at our gallery to view all the beautiful sets of lashes and see how fabulous they look on our beauties..

Do you a require deposit?

Yes, a 10% deposit is required to secure your booking. It is not refundable. Remaining amount owing must be paid on the day. This policy is designed to protect not only our business but to keep things fair for all our clients. If you need to cancel your appointment you'll need to provide at least 48 hours notice so it can be offered to another client.

Do you have eftpos?


What is the difference between silk, mink and synthetic eyelash extensions?

One of the questions we're asked here regularly at LTB about eyelash extensions is about the difference between silk, mink and synthetic (also known as acrylic) . Having used all three of these materials, we are very familiar with the difference, pros & cons of differemt kinds, and why you might choose one over the others. Please note, we no longer use older style 'acrylic' lashes – they're not of the best quality & have now phased out.


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