All Include: Initial Consultation, First session, Numbing, 2x Aftercare Kits & an ADDITIONAL Touch Up at 6-8 weeks.

At Let's Talk Beauty we believe that Brows, like fingerprints, are unique to you, which is why we’re committed to providing our clients with an experience to talk about! Whether the transformation of your brows are natural looking or absolutely life-changing, we focus on balancing your facial features, which will keep them guessing!

We strongly believe in safe cosmetic tattooing and take pride in providing our clients with the highest standard of consistency and craftsmanship upon each interaction. Read more on Eyebrow Feathering here!


Eyebrow Feathering by Jasmin

Eyebrow Feathering  Was $900... Now $700   

This is perfect for those who want to fill in sparse areas & create a more Fluffy & Natural looking brow. 

Ombre Powder        Was $900... Now $700   

This creates a more Polished & Defined Shaded brow. Intensity can be customised to clients preference.

Hybrid Combination  Was $950... Now $750 

This creates a more Polished & Defined brow, its a combination of Eyebrow Feathering and Ombre Shading! A beautiful effect for those who wear makeup on a day to day basis. Intensity can be 
customised to clients preference.

Eyebrow Maintenance (One Session)

Colour Boost within 0 - 6 months after last procedure from $200

Colour Boost within 6 - 12  months after last procedure from $275

Colour Boost within 12 - 24 months after last procedure from $350

DISCLAIMER: Colour boost prices only apply to our existing clients as an ongoing treatment. Eyebrow Tattoos older than 24 months require a full set.


Beauty Spot/Mark      1x  $100
                                 2x $150

                                3x $200

Ever wanted a beauty spot like Cindy Crawford? A distinctive & sexy beauty spot placed where you've always thought one should be? Beauty spots can be subtle and highlight a facial feature whilst adding a touch of glamour.





All Include: Initial Consultation, First session, Numbing, 2x Aftercare Kits & an ADDITIONAL Touch Up at 6-8 weeks.


Lip Tattooing by Jasmin

Lip Blush        Was $550... Now $450   

This subtly enhances the colour  of your natural lip tint, improving the shape of the lips, giving definition and the illusion of full & even coloured lips.

Full Lip Tint     Was $600... Now $500   


This is ideal for women wanting a fuller & more opaque lip colour. Full Lip Tint takes the hassle out of reapplying lip liner and lipstick throughout the day! 

Eyelash Extensions SALE ON NOW - 20% OFF FULL LASH SETS 
(Sale excludes Infills & Removal)


How about waking up feeling like Beyonce, combined with never having to remove waterproof mascara again? We tailor every set of eyelash extensions for each individual client. Our lash extensions not only look and feel natural but dramatically accentuate and enhance the beauty of your own eyes using Proper lash mapping & the highest quality lashes which are animal cruelty-free & hypoallergenic.



Classic Full Set
Was $125... Now $100  
Available in Silk & Faux Mink. Approx 90-100 Lashes per eye: Takes around 1.5 - 2 hrs.

For a natural everyday wear – a full set of eyelash extensions means no mascara, waking up with gorgeous long lashes all the time!



Hybrid Full Set 
Was $188... Now $150   
Approx 150 - 170 Lashes per eye: Takes around 2.5 hrs.

Hybrid is a 50/50 mixture of classic and volume fans, showcasing a fuller, more whispy and seductive look. If you want fluttery, wispy lashes than Hybrid is the look for you! 


Natural Russian Volume 3D - 5D Full Set 
Was $225... Now $180  
Around 200 – 300 lashes per eye: Takes around 3 hour


Maximum Russian Volume 8D - 10D Full Set 
Was $250... Now $200  

Around 450 – 500 lashes per eye: Takes around 4 hours


  • Our Maximum Russian Volume set is suitable for naturally thick/healthy lashes.

  • Our lash artists hand-make our volume fans for the best retention and results. This intricate technique takes skill & quality time. 

  • Keep in mind our Natural volume set still packs a punch for most lash lovers!

  • Read more about our Volume Eyelash Extensions here.



Eyelash Extension Infill price guide:


An ‘infill’ is classified at under 4 weeks and a minimum of 40% extensions remaining. Infills are usually required at 2 - 3 weeks. If you retain lashes extremely well, at our discretion we may infill up to 4 weeks. 


Mini Fill        60 mins      $60     

Standard Fill  80 mins      $80   
Large Fill       100 mins   

Mega Fill      120 mins    $120  


* Infill price is dependent on the amount of time YOU'd like to spend on your Beautiful Lashes. This allows you to be in control of your desired fullness, how much you'd like to splurge and service time!


 Please NOTE: 40% of extensions must be remaining. After 4 weeks, clients will require a Full set.



Eyelash Extension Removals


$20 per 15 minutes, includes thorough cleanse & strengthening treatment. 


If you have had an unpleasant experience elsewhere and your eyes are very irritated (i.e. twisting, irritation, shedding quickly) please don’t request an infill on them. It is best to book a removal with us to have them removed gently with as little damage as possible. 


Most removals can be done in under 30 minutes, some rare cases can take up to1 hour if you have had a really bad set applied (i.e. clusters of lashes with chunks of superglue… yes we have seen this before, not with our own sets of course. Please advise us of your lash situation when booking and send photos).


Please NOTE that if you've had bad lashes applied somewhere else and your experiencing puffiness, infected or irritated eyelids than you must go to the doctor first (you may need medical attention) and then come to us! 



A Lash Lift Lifts shapes your natural lashes into the perfect eye-opening curl making them look Fuller and Longer lasting for up to 8-12 weeks. Your beautifully lifted lashes require little to no maintenance at all and can be combined with a customised lash tint to make lashes stand out even more!


Perfect Lash Lift         
Was $100... Now $80  

Perfect Lash Lift + Tint 
Was $110... Now $90