Eyebrow Feathering FAQ

What is Eyebrow Feathering/ Feather touch/Microblading?

Eyebrow feathering is a form of cosmetic makeup using the Microblading hand tool technique. This allows us to reshape poorly arched, uneven or even non-existent eyebrows to enhance the natural features of the face. We do this by using a hand tool to place tiny hair-like strokes of colour pigment beneath the surface of the skin. Each client's brows are matched to the perfect colour to keep the most natural-looking results possible. A fuller and more defined brow can be achieved using the combination technique.

What is the Combination/ Hybrid Technique?

It is a combination of using the Microblading technique to create feather-like strokes but also combining it with shading to create a more fuller and defined brow without the solid lines that you would get from the typical "block" brow.

How long does Eyebrow Feathering last?

Results will last from 12-18month before a touchup is required. This is just a general time frame, results can vary due to many reasons as everyone's skin holds pigment differently and it is generally recommended to touch them up approximately 6-8weeks. Although majority of clients can receive feathering, not everyone is suited to the procedure. A consultation will be carried out to determine the best treatment recommend. Please keep in mind cosmetic tattooing is an ongoing investment and touchups may be required sooner depending on the individual. There are no guarantees with this procedure so make sure you are 100% committed to the procedure.

Can it Be Done Whilst Pregnant or Breastfeeding?

Unfortunately No. But we will be happy to feather your brows post bubba.

How do you know what shape to do?

A thorough consultation will be completed prior to treatment. During this, we draw on custom designed brows and measure them to correct the symmetry using the Golden ratio technique. Remember "EYEBROWS ARE SISTERS NOT TWINS", meaning no two brows are symmetrical but with this golden ratio we can design your brows to the closest possible we will try to make you as pleased as possible.

How do I know what technique is best for me?

Choosing between Microblading, Shading or combination is based on personal preference. A consultation prior to your treatment will allow us as brow specialist to determine what's best for you, however, you will need to consider your lifestyle and current skin condition. If you're team oily, 80% of clients feathered brows will fade considerably, therefore, you may need more touchups at an additional cost or opt for powder /combination brows. Athletes and women that exercise regularly may also fade quicker as sweat can cause premature fading.

How long does the treatment take to apply?

In total please allow between 3-3.5 hours all up, this includes your consultation, choosing your perfect colour, designing the shape and performing the procedure. We're known to be very thorough and quite the perfectionists, which is shown through our artistry.

I have an old eyebrow tattoo, can you go over it?

Before booking an appointment you must inform us if you've had previous cosmetic tattooing done before. Different machines and inks where used in a lot of older work many years ago leaving many of you with heavy scar tissue that have faded out into undesirable colours. If the eyebrows have not faded at least 80% we, unfortunately, can't work on you. The problem with corrections is that the skin may have lots of scar tissue which will not hold onto the new pigment implanted and could damage the skin further. PLEASE NOTE: If you require a previous tattoo re-worked, a photo MUST be emailed to us PRIOR to booking an appointment as results on such cases cannot be guaranteed.

Do you draw them on first?

Yes, always. Using the golden ratio your eyebrow area is measured and a template is drawn on to follow as a guideline. If you have photos of brow inspo feel free to bring them along as long as they're realistic, doable and suitable for you as everyone has different eyebrow and facial features.

Who is best suited for feather touch eyebrows?

The perfect candidate is anyone with uneven areas, half a brow, gaps or over plucked brows wanting fuller, natural or more defined brows.

Who is not suitable for feather touch eyebrows? Includes:

Suffers from major heart problems such as stroke/heart attack - Has diabetes type 1 (type 2 will require a medical clearance from your doctor) - Skin healing problems - Suffering from cancer/undergoing chemotherapy - Pregnant/breastfeeding - Blood disease - Very weak immune system - You've taken blood thinners prior to treatment. - Epilepsy

Will it look natural?

Lets Talk Beauty's approach is to design a brow that enhances whats naturally there. To achieve natural looking eyebrows, a thorough skin analysis will be undertaken. This will predict how the skin will hold the pigment and will analyze the skin’s undertone to ensure a perfect colour match to your existing eyebrow and hair colour. The more hair you have to begin with will result in a more natural look. Also keep in mind "EYEBROWS ARE SISTERS NOT TWINS", meaning no two brows are symmetrical but we will design your brows to the closest symmetry possible.

Will I still have to wax/pluck my eyebrows?

Yes, you will still have to maintain your eyebrows, your eyebrow hairs will continue to grow. However, having feathering done will leave a guideline for you to follow!

How do I care for my brows?

You will be given special aftercare instructions on how to care for your new eyebrows. Also, depending on your skin type we will provide you with an aftercare cream.

Do you require a deposit/Booking fee?

Yes, a $100 Booking fee is required to secure and confirm your booking. It is non-refundable. The remaining amount owing must be paid on the day. This policy is designed to protect not only our business but it keeps things fair for all clients. If you need to cancel your appointment we kindly request at least 48hrs notice so it can be offered to another client.

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to numb the area before and again during the procedure. Clients comfort throughout the entirety of the procedure is very important to us. Everyone has a different pain threshold, therefore, experiencing different levels of pain. Some may feel nothing while others may feel some pain. Most people describe it as a light scratching feeling. But don't be afraid, the majority of our clients rate the pain as 3/10 (1 being the lowest). It's crucial to hold off fish oil or any blood thinners 72hrs prior. Your menstrual cycle can also cause discomfort throughout the procedure, and the topical anaesthetic may lose its intensity for regular smokers. Clients that are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia must keep in mind that this may affect your sensitivity tolerance to the procedure.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

You must be 18 years or older to receive a tattoo service at Let's Talk Beauty.

How many treatments are needed?

As each person’s healing rate and colour retention is different, a minimum of two sessions is needed. We recommend a touch up approximately 6-8weeks after the first session. During this time before the second touch up, were able to recognize how the colour retention holds and any desired adjustments can be made in this session to create a darker or bolder look.

What factors will affect my colour retention?

A multitude of individual and lifestyle factors can affect the longevity of your Micro bladed eyebrows, this includes the following: - If you're team oily, the constant oil production will gradually soften the look, therefore, you may need more touchups or opt for powder/combination brows. - Athletes and women that exercise regularly may also fade quicker as sweat can cause premature fading. - The time it takes for your body’s skin cells to regenerate will affect how the skin grasps the pigment. The longer this process takes, the longer the pigment will hold. - The time it takes for the skin to absorb the pigment will also affect how the skin grasps the pigment. The slower the process, the longer the pigment will hold. - Lighter pigment colours such as blonde will fade faster than a dark brown pigment. - Bleeding during the procedure reduces the amount of pigment absorbed. It should be noted that substances which cause blood thinning such as alcohol, fish oils, and certain medications should not be consumed prior to or following an appointment. - Thyroid medication. - The constant sun exposure of the facial area will decrease the strength of the pigment. Once healed, sunscreen is to be applied to the area to reduce the risk of fading. - Smoking causes faster fading.

What should I do before my eyebrow procedure?

Eyebrows will be filled during your session so it’s not necessary to do this yourself, a fresh face is best. It is imperative that medication which causes blood thinning is avoided for a minimum of 72 hours prior to a session. If you are unsure, please check with your doctor but these generally include medications such as Aspirin, Vitamin E, fish oil, Niacin, and Ibuprofen (found in Advil and Nurofen). As well as certain medication, alcohol and caffeine is to be avoided the night before and day of your session. Exposure to sun, as well as UV tanning bed exposure, should be avoided for 30 days prior and following your procedure due to the risk of skin exfoliation.
PLEASE NOTE: If using prescription Accutane, you MUST wait a minimum of six months before considering undertaking a cosmetic tattoo procedure. The procedure cannot be performed whilst on Accutane.

How will I look immediately after? What is the healing process?

In the first few days following the procedure, the skin will start to scab like a regular cut. It's vital to not touch/scratch or rub your brows during the healing process. The first few days the pigment will also appear dark and intense. Redness and swelling is rare, but might also happen. After the scabbing has come off, the pigment will gradually appear lighter after the first week but will slowly develop to its true colour. The healing process will take 4-6 weeks depending on your body regeneration and age.

How will my cosmetic tattoo look in the future?

6-8 weeks after your initial procedure, the second session will determine how the skin holds pigment and alterations can be made if necessary. As mentioned, lifestyle and individual factors will affect how the tattoo fades but the majority of LTB client’s tattoos stay true to colour and fade naturally over time. It is recommended that clients return every 1-1.5yrs for a top-up appointment as fading will generally create a lighter and softer look to your eyebrow tattoo. Anything past 3yrs will need a fresh set.

What should I know about long-term care?

In order to sustain bold pigment, imperative long-term care must be taken. Individual skin types and lifestyle factors will affect how the pigment will hold in the long term. Keep in mind that increased exposure to the sun will contribute to a faster pigment fade so sunscreen application after healing is highly recommended. Skin treatments such as laser, chemical peels or other medical procedures to the facial area should be notified to your technician and caution should be taken to avoid these areas.

Are the studio and equipment safe and hygienic?

Here at Let's Talk Beauty, we put safety and quality first and foremost by using only the highest quality equipment and a wide range of quality pigments. We provide a safe and sterilized environment at all times for our clients. Procedure rooms are disinfected and cleaned prior to and following each visit. Majority of our equipment is disposed of after each client, providing a safe, hygienic and quality service for all clients.


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